Blanemore Forest Archaeological Walk

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“Six thousand years of history lie in this conifer woodland, set on a gravel ridge above the wild and ancient bog-lands of North Mayo. Explore the sacred tombs and field walls of our first farmers.  Walk among the mysterious standing stones of the bronze age and sit with the brooding dark beauty of Lough Naweela. This is a unique walk through Blanemore Forest.” 

Display signs and pathways provided. Trail grading level: moderate (walking) of 4.8km, as per guidelines – on wooden boardwalk, gravel paths – see maps. This walk has been provided by the voluntary efforts of historian Liam Alex Heffron and Moygownagh Community Council with the kind support of IPB Insurance (Community Engagement Fund), Fiontar Chomhraic Teo, Mayo County Council (Mayo Walks), Mayo North East LEADER Partnership & Coillte Teo.

NOTE THAT YOU ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK. THIS IS A COILLTE OWNED, WORKING WOODLAND FOR TIMBER HARVEST AND DILIGENT ATTENTION TO HAZARDOUS TERRAIN IS ESSENTIAL. All walkers enter at their own discretion and no liability is accepted for any injuries sustained when participating on any aspect of the walk.  – whether guided or otherwise. Please keep to the track-ways and care must be taken as underfoot conditions may be boggy, wet and slippery. Do not litter, light fires or disturb plants, wildlife or archaeology. Also no digging or moving of in-situ rocks or stones. Thank you!

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